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The Rocco Forte Charm at Hotel Amigo Brussels

Location: Brussels City Centre

Number of Bedrooms: 154 rooms and 28 suites

Number of event spaces: 4 plus a bar and a restaurant

Rocco Forte Hotels focus their luxury destinations on individuality, authenticity, and the Forte Family. Their fabulous European properties authentically reflect the cities in which they reside. This is achieved by the attentive efforts of Sir Rocco’s sister, celebrated interior designer Olga Polizzi, who works alongside local designers to curate the aesthetic nuances of each hotel. Like siblings, Rocco Forte hotels have the same DNA running through them, but each has a unique and individual charm.

Hotel Amigo is situated in the best possible location in Brussels. Inside the hotel you will find yourself in an oasis of calm, surrounded by the luxury cuisine and organic wellness products introduced by Lydia and Irene Forte. The moment you step outside (no doubt with smiling doormen in your wake), you find yourself in the midst of a bustling but relaxed city centre. The amazing Grand-Place is just moments away, surrounded by impressive maximalist architecture and flagship luxury stores.

(The Grand-Place, just metres from Hotel Amigo)

Brussels has a lot to offer in terms of unique cultural activities, with renowned chocolatiers and impressive antiques readily available for group experiences. Their art scene is also not to be overlooked, with a fantastic exhibition by Peter Lindbergh running just a few minutes’ walk from Hotel Amigo in 2023. The Hotel itself celebrates the artistry of one of Brussels’ famed comics, The Adventures of Tintin, with subtle nods amongst the Hotel's thoughtful art collection.

Just a 2.5-hour transfer from London St Pancras via Eurostar, Hotel Amigo is the ideal city destination for those looking to treat their guests to both luxury and convenience. They have four stunning meeting and events spaces fit for everything from executive boardrooms to gala dinners. With 154 rooms and 28 suites, it could be the ideal venue for your next residential conference, SKO, or company retreat.

(One of Hotel Amigo’s opulent event spaces set up for a private dinner)

Sir Rocco Forte himself says ‘small is beautiful’ and adores the way in which his family have a tangible relationship with their 14 hotels and the people in them. With that being said, we highly anticipate Charles Forte’s plans to add new destinations to the Rocco Forte Hotel repertoire. Watch this space for an even wider range of European destinations for your global events.

(The Forte Family at one of their Italian properties)

If you are interested in arranging an event at Hotel Amigo Brussels or another of the Rocco Forte Hotels, please get in touch Chew and we will be happy to assist you. You can call us on +441371 873006 or email


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