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The Rise of Virtual Events

Many people are still nervous about the prospect of virtual events, while others are leading the way by introducing virtual event experiences for both staff and clients.

Virtual events are nothing new but the events industry has been very slow to fully adopt them over the past few years. With the Covid-19 outbreak meaning the vast majority of people are now working remotely, many companies have had to drastically shift their mindset and planning processes to embrace the virtual format. The world of events is rapidly changing and as an employer it is essential to move with technology and explore new virtual ways to keep your staff connected, motivated and entertained.

Back when most employees were office based, there were lots of opportunities to engage and interact on a daily basis. We took stopping at a colleagues desk for a chat, team catch-ups and after work drinks for granted. We now need to be more creative and find virtual alternatives to continue to encourage team working, build and maintain bonds and keep staff connected on a personal level.

Virtual experiences are also a great way to combat loneliness which is the biggest downside for many who are working from home. While remote working is great for flexibility and a more efficient use of time, it lacks the emotional connection. Remote working can quickly turn into emotional distance so it’s important to introduce staff to fun virtual experiences. It’s essential that companies create a team culture so that staff feel closer together, morale is boosted, happiness increases and in turn so does productivity.

Chew events have pulled together a full spectrum of virtual event experiences to allow our clients to stay safe & connected whilst having some fun!

Email if you would like to receive a copy of our virtual experiences guide.


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